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Whitfield Wire 4th Quarter 2015

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2015 was a blessing to us and you were too! We have seen God do tremendous things in and through us because of your faithful prayers as well as your support! We are thankful to have been in many of your Churches over the past year and we look forward to being with many of you during the first part of this year. We want to thank you for praying as God is still bringing our support back to a sustainable level. Please be in prayer as we continue to visit new Churches as well as our supporting ones.

Over the last quarter we have traveled over 10,000 miles and the Lord has been good to us in providing for our needs as well as the safety in making our way. We have seen several saved along the way as well as many tracts being passed out. We still live in a day where personal soul-winning is blessed of God.

It has been a time of seeking the Lord concerning where He would have us to go to start the next work. We are thankful for His guiding hand in this particular area of our lives. We now have plans to start our next work in the great state of Texas. Our plans are to move to Dallas County in June of 2016 to start this work. Dallas County has 2.5 million people living there in an area that is 908 square miles. Of the 2.5 million people that live in Dallas County, 1.2 million of those people are Hispanic. We are trusting God to continue to lead, guide and direct as we prepare to go and reach this precious people. Please be in prayer with us concerning this transition. Please be in prayer for the following things:

  1. Wisdom
  2. Safety
  3. Health
  4. Souls to be prepared to receive the Word of God
  5. Souls to be saved during the transition
  6. The transition for our family
  7. Moving expenses
  8. Replacing of furniture damaged in storage over the past several months

These are a few things, knowing God’s people are praying, He will help us with.

Something that has been a growing burden for us over the past months is how to further help the local Church reach their population of Spanish speaking people. Please pray frequently about this and the need in your area. In the last month there have been several opportunities arise that will allow us to help others reach these people. We will help Churches we currently know organize and host Spanish Emphasis days during their specified times of the year. Please pray about whether God would have you to do something like this. Also, please pray about using a bilingual tract. These tracts can be used during the organizers soul-winning times or simply during one’s personal day. Not every city has a big population but most have a few that can be reached by those who cross their paths if we are prepared. Something else to remember is that the Spanish language is not as common as it once was. Matter of fact, with each passing generation, the language is being less used. So, please do not let the language barrier paralyze you from reaching those that you can reach.

Remember, the devil, he hates our guts! We must, we must continue to pray for one another. I look forward to hearing about what the Lord is doing in each Church that receives our updates throughout the year. This is going to be a great year for our Lord if He doesn’t return. We pray for you folks regularly and are thankful for each of you!


Serving HIM Together,

The Whitfields


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