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One of the greatest joys of our ministry in the past few months was the week we were able to spend on the boarder of Mexico and Texas and see the birth of a new Church there. Jose Zapata is a man called by God to preach His Word. Jose is out of our sending Church in Hickory, NC. God is using him to see folks saved and the work of God expanded in this region. The city, Rio Grande City, is 98% Spanish speaking. While we were in Rio Grande City we were able to preach the Word of God to this new congregation. Many decisions were made and Christians were strengthened there. Also, we were able to do a lot of ground work for this new Church, with three days of knocking doors. As you pray, please pray for this work. The devil would like nothing more than to see it fail. Please pray specifically that they would be able to find their own building very soon as they are out growing their current space.


#1. A new way to remember to pray!

Photo #1 – We have found a new way to be reminded to pray for our own missionaries. Most cars today are coming with radios that have the ability to store media. We store missionary prayer cards and rotate them to be able to pray for our missionaries.


#2 Christian School Graduation

Photo#2 – We were able to preach the Christian School graduation for Emmanuel Bible Baptist Church in Huntingdon, PA . The Lord allowed the Gospel to be presented to those in attendance.


#3 Gospel Shared at the Dairy Farms

Photo #3 – While in Central PA we were able to go into the dairy farms and preach the Gospel to the Spanish Speaking workers there. We were able to see four men and women saved during one of the meetings. As a result some of these folks are now attending the Williamsburg Independent Bible Baptist Church.


#4 Preaching in the Spanish Branch of our sending Church.

Photo #4 – When we have the opportunity to be in our home Church we have the privilege to preach in the Spanish Branch of the ministry.


#5 Steve Jr accepted the Lord!

Photo #5 – Is Steve Jr. He was saved during a revival meeting we were preaching at the end of May.


#6 Preaching in Rio Grande City

Photo #6 – Is of the preaching we did in Rio Grande City, TX while we were there.


#7 Steve accepted Christ!

Photo #7 – Is a picture of another man by the name of Steve too! We were able to lead him to the Lord after attending a revival service being held by a supporting pastor and friend of ours.

Please be in prayer as we seek the Lord during this time as to where we will start the next work. God has laid an area on our hearts and we are praying for His confirmation. Please pray with us. Also, please continue to be in prayer concerning my Dad’s bladder cancer.

We want to thank each of you for your love, prayers and sacrificial support over the years. It is truly a joy and great blessing to get the Gospel out on your behalf.

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Serving Together,

The Whitfields (Bro. Duey, Melissa and Grant)

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