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Pastor Kelly W. Snyder

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Dear friends in Christ,

It is with enthusiasm that I recommend to you the ministry of Brother Duey and Melissa Whitfield and their two sons, Jacob and Grant. The Lord brought this missionary family into our lives many years ago after a church in our area cancelled their appointment with that church, just hours before the meeting. The Whitfields came and stayed in Belmont a few days and our friendship was no accident, we have been friends ever since that day.

Brother Duey has been called of God to reach out to a group of people many try to ignore. When the Great Commission was given to us, we were given a mission to evangelize the entire world. Acts 1:8 gives us four areas in which to engage the great commission; Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Uttermost part of the world. I believe we understand Jerusalem and Judea are local and regional targets of our mission. I believe I am supporting missionaries to the uttermost part of the world. “Samaria” was a difficult area for the Apostles and the early church. Samaritans were hated people by both the Jews and the Gentiles. It was difficult to reach out to a people they didn’t even like. But they were commanded to go to the Samaritans. I believe “Samaria” for us is the hard areas in which to take the Gospel. It may be our family or coworkers who are difficult to witness to. I believe the Hispanic population in America, especially in areas away from the south and west where there are great populations of Hispanic Americans, both legal and illegal. Brother Duey has been called to start Spanish speaking works in areas of the country who have a great population of migrant workers, or others who have moved into non-traditional areas such as Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Brother Duey is a Christian with passion. He preaches with passion for the Word of God and delivers sermons with power. Brother Duey engages our people here in West Virginia with passion and is beloved by our church and helps our people every time we have him preach. The Whitfields have left the comfortable people of North Carolina and moved to northern Pennsylvania which would be their “Samaria.” They moved to Pennsylvania by faith and began a Spanish work there by faith. We know that God loves people of faith and God has blessed the ministry there.

It is easy to recommend this ministry to your church. You will be blessed to have the Whitfields come to your church and present this unique ministry to your people. By all means have Bro. Duey preach and you will see how that he is passionate about the unending pursuit of Jesus Christ. I am excited to think of folks that will partner with the Whitfields as they strive to reach a nation of people who live within the borders of our beloved America. Will you consider this missionary? I trust that you will.

Until He Comes,

Pastor Kelly W. Snyder

First Baptist Church

Belmont, West Virginia

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