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Pastor John Landry

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Dear Pastor,

I have had the distinct pleasure of laboring with and getting to know Brother Whitfield over the past 6 years here in Central Pennsylvania.  Brother Whitfield has been a true and faithful friend to me and my family here.  I can offer my personal and heart felt recommendation that you support this dear Brother in the work that God has called him to.  Since coming the Altoona area Brother Whitfield has had a tremendous impact on this area in many ways.   I would like to share with you a few.  First off, he and his family are genuine!  They are soul-winners in every sense of the word.  From the Church, to the streets, including in the local prison, souls have been won to Christ through the prayers and work of this dear family.  Brother Whitfield has worked tirelessly in the effort of spreading doctrinal truth in an area that permeated with false doctrines and religions.  He has helped steady the path of a Christian School over the course of the past few years with Godly leadership and direction.  He has helped me beyond measure personally here at Fairview by teaching classes to men in a Bible Institute setting.  He has supported the work here by being a faithful friend to me.  When my precious wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he was there for me and my wife.  He has helped us in ways that only God could have directed.   Our Church has been blessed by his preaching and teaching as he has come and preached.

Brother Whitfield is as Godly a man as I know.  He stands straight, Believes the King James Bible, and truly seeks to expound the Word of God to those that God gives him to preach to.  The most striking thing about Brother Whitfield though is his compassion on others and his desire to see people serve God and follow after righteousness.  There are many other ways and areas that Brother Whitfield has helped and impacted this area that  I would be glad to speak to you personally about should you like.  Please know this, I trust this man with my life, my family, and my Church.

In His Service

Pastor John Landry



The most striking thing about Brother Whitfield is his compassion on others and his desire to see people serve God and follow after righteousness.”
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