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Immigration And The Election!

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Recently I received a phone call asking who should I vote for in the coming election from one of our Hispanic friends. After listening for a while here are the circumstance of this individual:
Spouse is here illegally
Parent or parents are here illegally
Church members are here illegally
The fear was that they couldn’t possibly vote for someone who would wish harm towards the people they love. Please read my response and share with those who you can influence.

Immigration and the 2016 Election

In looking at poll data over the last several presidential elections, one can gather quickly that the Hispanic vote is one of power. Here are a few observations that should be considered as we reach this precious people group.

They need to be loved. These are people just like you and I. They are looking to make a better life for themselves as well as their family. It is very important to know that there is a big difference in how the process of becoming a U.S. citizen has changed over the last one hundred years. In taking this into consideration, understand also that there are fees and charges that come along with going through this process that never existed before. By now you are thinking that they should STILL come to the U.S. legally. This is very true but yet very difficult. One of the things that need to be looked at when looking at a candidate for our next president is the process in which one becomes a citizen. Not to say it should be made to cater to a people group but one that can easily be defined. We should love them all. Where they are, legal or not. The first priority, concerning all people in the U.S., is to make sure they know the Gospel. The Lord takes care of sin in our lives after we have been born again. The Holy Spirit convicts the individual or individual sin. Breaking the law in one form or fashion is still breaking the law. Sin is still sin no matter the size or degree of severity that one may put on it. We have to be cautious of having this type of hypocrisy in our lives.

They need to be taught. Politicians will say anything on the stump with the right intentions that may not fully develop as president. The reality is that there will be no “NEW” immigration policy implemented concerning those who may be here illegally. There will be no collective gatherings of illegals for deportation. The process that is already in existence will continue on. Obviously, the border security will need to be tightened and hiding places will need to be dissolved. These are things that make common sense. What our Hispanic friends need to know is that they should never vote based on “what will happen to those who have chosen to come illegally?” but should be taught what the issues truly are. An example of this would be abortion. Obviously, the Bible is clearly in opposition to this act and as Christians, we should be too. If a people group is pro-life then they should vote pro-life. Another “issue” is homosexuality. Once again the Bible is against it and Christians should be too. So, on these two issues alone Hispanic voters would vote for the correct candidate that is opposed to abortion as well as the homosexual agenda. The liberal vote that has been the trend can be changed if we will take the time to teach the issues and educate the voters that are in our realm of influence.

They need to be included. It will be a very difficult victory for the right candidate to pull off without the Hispanic vote. Statistically, the Hispanic vote was the vote that sealed the deal for the second term election of our current administration. It is a vote of power, it is a vote of influence, it is a vote that is necessary to gain to be able to have the right person correct the wrong that is in our country. They need to be included.

These are simply observations, not meant in anyway to become a point of contention or debate. The Gospel is the need and the goal from our hearts for these precious people.

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