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Whitfield Wire 3rd Qtr Prayer Letter

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Third  Quarter Prayer Letter July – September 2015

We want to thank you for your prayers over the last three months. Looking back, the Lord has been good to us. In July we were in several meetings. It was great to be able to visit some of our supporting Churches as well. Towards the later part of July I had a colonoscopy with just a few concerns there. Once again, the Lord has been good to us.

August was another great month of visiting our supporting Churches as well as prospective partnering Churches. The early part of August, I had a hernia repaired. This was found to be the reason I had to have the colonoscopy. The procedure went well, it has kept me from accomplishing some of things I needed to get done this quarter but we are pressing on.

In September, the Lord added supporting Churches from the previous months. Please continue to pray that the Lord will give the increase. Once again, it was great to visit supporting Churches as well as new ones. Towards the later part of September we were able to attend the National Church Growth Conference in Lexington, KY. This is a conference that has been a help to us in the past and we were able to meet many of God’s men. The Lord used this meeting to allow us to schedule additional meetings that will help us to get the needed support before our furlough comes to a close. Please continue to pray and we will be grateful.

Here is the schedule God has given us for October, please pray as it will be a very busy time. Please pray for safety as well as fruitfulness. The tracts we give out during these trips as well as on a daily basis will produce fruit for each of us in eternity. For this, we are thankful.

Our October Schedule:

07th – 11th Parkside Baptist Church, Mesquite, TX

09th – Lone Star Baptist College, Mesquite, TX

12th – 15th Faith Baptist, Selmer, TN

14th – Emmanuel Baptist Church, Dennis, MS

15th – 16th Commonwealth Baptist College, Lexington, KY

17th – 18th AM Williamsburg Ind. Baptist Church, Williamsburg, PA

18th – PM Faith Baptist Church, Altoona, PA

21st – 25th AM Grace Ind. Baptist Church, LaJose, PA

25th – Emmanuel Baptist Church, Claysburg, PA

28th – Pending

Please be in prayer for these dates as well as the travel times that they represent. We are thankful to be able to represent you as well as our Lord to the Spanish Speaking people here in the US. Thank you again for your prayers and support.

Serving Together,

The Whitfields

Twitter – @whitfieldnc @usspanishmins

Facebook – Duey Melissa Whitfield

Instagram – whitfieldnc

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  • Donna Mulhollen

    It is good to hear from you and am looking forward to you being back at Faith if only for one night.

  • Vivian Radebaugh

    I always print the prayer letters and copy them to hand out to those of our people who like to use them in their devotions as they pray for our missionaries. The problem I am having is your prayer letter margins are set too wide so that I can’t get all of the words in when I print it.

    It is good to hear from you. God bless you.

    Vivian Radebaugh
    Calvary Bible Baptist Church
    1419 Linn-Hipsher Road
    Marion, OH 43305

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